Fresh ingredients or raw? What's the difference?

The term fresh describes ingredients that have never been frozen and do not contain any preservatives. Raw ingredients means that they have not been cooked but have been preserved by freezing, chemical preservatives or a combination of both.
The ingredients of ACANA and ORIJEN foods contain poultry, eggs, fish, red meat, fruits, vegetables and herbs that are delivered to our facilities fresh daily.

Is fish meat tested for heavy metals such as mercury?

Yes. Although the fish come from clean northern lakes and the Canadian North Pacific, our suppliers provide heavy metal and mercury controls. There is also an additional check on the food before transport. Our fresh fish is suitable for human consumption, meets all Canadian Government’s daily food regulations and is a high source of DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids.

Are meat ingredients suitable for human consumption?

All our poultry, fish, red meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables are fit for human consumption by Canadian Government regulations before being delivered to our premises daily. Poultry, fish, lamb and beef, fats and oils are only produced from animals suitable for human consumption by the Canadian Food Control Agency, which few food producers can guarantee.
Despite our high standards, we never claim that our food is suitable for human consumption. This is because all the ingredients that enter pet food production facilities automatically lose their suitability for human consumption. We encourage all animal lovers to contact the manufacturer of the food consumed by their pet and to verify whether it is indeed suitable for human consumption.

Why do ACANA and ORIJEN foods contain herbs?

Our foods are designed to reflect the natural diet. Herbs are an important part of a dog and cat’s natural diet. The herbs contained in our food are selected by one of the best homeopathic veterinarians in the USA. More information on herbal ingredients can be found here.

Many pet foods are prepared in facilities that are not controlled by the company that sells them. What about ACANA and ORIJEN?

Champion Petfoods award-winning facilities in Morinville, Alberta are privately owned and ACANA and ORIJEN food is produced there exclusively. It’s simple, we do not allow our food to be produced elsewhere and we do not produce food for anyone else.

Can too much protein be a problem for my pet?

There are so many myths about high protein but this is probably the most common question our business has heard.

Countless studies have been published over the last 15 years and have effectively debunked the myth of high protein – that it’s supposed to cause problems in the pet body – (often prompted by multinationals and commercial companies that still produce low-protein, grain-based foods).

The truth is simple – high protein foods are Biologically Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. By preparing foods that resemble the natural nutrition and anatomy of pets – high in protein, low in carbohydrates – we promote the quality of life and health of the animals we love to the highest levels.

Today’s pet foods are low in protein and high in carbohydrates (40-55%). As carbohydrates are not part of the natural diet we should not be surprised that carbohydrates are not required by pets.

What quality assurance procedures are followed in production?

At all stages of preparation and production, we use Good Manufacturing Principals, a world-class system specialized in the control and management of food production and quality control, as well as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Analysis (HACCP) method, an internationally recognized systematic approach technique. food safety.

The quality management systems we use are applied beyond our facilities, by our distributors and suppliers whom we know and trust. All meat ingredients are approved by the Government of Canada and are produced from animals that have been declared fit for human consumption.

Our fresh meats, including ingredients from poultry, eggs, fish, beef, pork, wild boar, bison and lamb are raised domestically in accredited facilities approved for human consumption. Our fresh ingredients fully meet AAFCO’s “fresh” designation where light cooling is the only method of preservation – without any chemicals, heat or freezing! But perhaps the best quality accreditation is our worldwide reputation for authenticity. Champion food is never outsourced. You can be absolutely sure that ACANA and ORIJEN products are never produced or packaged in facilities that do not belong to us.

Are there animal experiments?

It is a question that is often asked but our position on the subject is simple and it is this – we conduct those tests that we would allow our own pets to do.
If we would NOT allow some of them into our pets THEN WE WOULD NOT ALLOW THEM FOR ANY OTHER DOG OR CAT.
We only perform simple tests such as taste, pH or digestibility. We clarify that the specific tests are not performed with dogs and cats in laboratory conditions, ie closed in cages.

Food Preservation and Expiry Date

The temperature of 10-20 degrees is ideal. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures increases oxidation and reduces storage time. Exposure to light also contributes to oxidation. A dark, cool place is preferred.
The temperature of 10-20 degrees is ideal. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures increases oxidation and reduces storage time. Exposure to light also contributes to oxidation. A dark, cool place is preferred.
The expiration date (BB) is written on the back and top of the bag. The DAY OF THE MONTH OF THE YEAR is indicated.
From the time the food is prepared and packaged in our facilities it has 15 months to expire. Heat, humidity and light are the factors that have the greatest impact. After opening the package, try to remove the air every time you close it.
Keeping the package airtight (in a container) or carefully folding the bag after opening can take months.

Differences between ACANA and ORIJEN

There are several differences between ACANA and ORIJEN and both recipes reflect our belief in Biological Suitability and the Fresh Home Ingredients we insist on.

Five of the main differences are listed below.
MEAT CONTENT. ORIJEN contains 75-80% meat while ACANA contains from 40-65%, depending on the recipe.
PROTEINS. ORIJEN contains from 38% to 42% protein, while ACANA contains from 27-34%.
CARBOHYDRATES. ORIJEN recipes differ from 18-22% while in ACANA they range from 18-30%
QUANTITY OF FRESH MEAT. ORIJEN is prepared with 40% fresh meat while ACANA from 9% to 15%
VARIETY OF FRESH MEAT. ORIJEN is characterized by at least 5 fresh meats when ACANA contains 3 different fresh meats.

We simply consider ORIJEN to be the best dog and cat food in the world. Although lower in protein and fresh meat than ORIJEN, ACANA provides excellent quality value and makes the value of Biological Suitability affordable to a wide range of animal lovers.

How should I feed ACANA and ORIJEN?

We recommend feeding twice a day. Simply divide the daily dose into two meals, eight to twelve hours apart. You may need to adjust your daily intake as you slowly learn the ideal amount of food your dog needs. Reminder: A healthy dog is one that is not obese.

Dogs often consume the same food which means a sudden change of food makes it difficult to adapt the digestive system which is why a new food should be introduced gradually. This will give the animal time to adjust to the new food and also reduce the chance of upset stomach.
Start by mixing 25% of the new food with 75% of the old one. Slowly (from five to seven days) reverse this ratio At the end of this procedure you should feed 100% ORIJEN or ACANA.

70% of your dog or cat’s body weight is water which is vital for the body. In fact water is essential for your pet more than any other nutrient.
Many dogs have a large appetite and can eat as much as they are given. As ACANA and ORIJEN foods are very tasty you must be careful not to overfeed.
Obesity – at any age – can cause health problems. All our packages have printed feeding instructions however each dog is different and in fact the feeding instructions are indicative.

What does Biologically Appropriate means?

ACANA and ORIJEN represent a new class of foods designed to feed dogs and cats according to their biological anatomy and meet their nutritional needs, just as Nature would. With a diet rich in nutritious fresh meat and protein.

Philosophy Biological Suitability can be summarized in the following 3 questions:

1) How much?

How much meat does a food contain? The natural diet of a carnivorous animal, such as a dog and a cat, consists almost entirely of meat. That’s why her recipes ACANA have from 50% to 75% meat content, while those of ORIJEN have 85%.

2) How fresh?

How much fresh meat does a food contain? And when we say fresh, we mean that they have not been used preservatively or even frozen. The food ACANA contain -depending on the recipe- 1/3 or 1/2 fresh meat, while those of ORIJEN 2/3 and the only way to keep these ingredients fresh is to refrigerate.

3) How many?

How many different types of meat? In Nature the dog and the cat can feed on different prey every day. This variety of animal ingredients should also be reflected in a Biologically Suitable Dry Food. So are her recipes ACANA contain from 1 to 5 different sources of animal protein, while those of ORIJEN at least 6.

Do I need to make a transition period for my dog if I want to try the new ORIJEN fast and deep freeze foods?

We recommend a gradual and smooth transition to ORIJEN fast and deep freezing foods, unless your dog is on a rotating feeding schedule. Use the nutrition guide in the package to determine the right amount for your dog.

At what temperature should the water I add to ORIJEN fast and deep freeze to reconstitute?

The water should be lukewarm. A temperature of 37C would be desirable, as it mimics the body temperature of the majority of game animals. DO NOT use hot or boiling water as it may cause burns to your dog’s mouth and fingers! Cold water is permissible, but it will take longer for the food to reconstitute and possibly reduce its excellent taste.

Once the food is reconstituted, how long can I keep it in the fridge?

Treat reconstituted ORIJEN dried-freeze like raw food. We recommend that any leftover food be stored in the refrigerator immediately and after reconstitution be consumed within 3 days.

Your delicacies have finally arrived. Most companies outsource their delicacies, so what is the origin of your delicacies?

We never outsource our food to a factory and we believe that the preparation of our own food, in our own kitchens is important in order for the consumer to have peace of mind. The truth is that it took us a long time to get our delicacies on the market, but now we have the kitchens for fast and deep freezing where we prepare our ORIJEN delicacies ourselves.

Are the treats aimed exclusively at dogs?

For starters, yes! We will prepare treats for cats in 2013.

How many different flavors will the delicacies have?

We have 8 different flavors to choose from. Three of them are formula-matched in dry and freeze-dry ORIJEN, the other five are “Whole Booty” characterized by meat from a single animal source.

What kind of ingredients do you use to make your delicacies?

Our delicacies overflow with natural flavors from FRESH meat, game and poultry, raised in our area by people we know and trust. All ORIJEN delicacies are full of 100% meat, gently-freeze dried, without preservatives in order to keep your favorite dog happy and healthy.

How many treats can I give a day?

You should keep in mind that the treats you will be feeding should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily diet.

What does the term "WholePrey" mean?

Dogs, as carnivores, are designed to thrive on a whole prey diet. That is why our food is characterized by three elements of whole booty. The content of meat, organs and edible bones is at such balanced levels that it mimics the dog’s natural diet.

Meat 70-85% Meat quotas provide natural sources of all the amino acids that are essential for dogs and cats.
Meat from Organs 10-15% The fresh liver and belly that we include in our foods are sources rich in vitamins and minerals.
Edible bones, bone marrow and cartilage provide calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin in a balanced and natural source.

Why did you change your ORIJEN diets / recipes?

In the pet food industry we are a leading company that is constantly innovating. Any changes made to ORIJEN are made for the evolution of the Biological Fitness mandate. We are constantly looking for new FRESH and DOMESTIC INGREDIENTS, and we are evolving the baking technologies so that we can include larger quantities of fresh ingredients. All of these changes bring our food closer to what Mother Nature would provide.

All the modifications made to our diets / recipes are examined in detail and then carefully applied in order to look like the natural diet.
Our new ORIJEN dry foods are characterized by:

MORE FRESH MEAT to provide nutritious proteins and fats in natural form without being processed.
LARGER VARIETY OF MEAT that includes meat, organs (liver and abdomen) and cartilage to mimic the natural diet as much as possible, thus reducing the need for synthetic ingredients.
MORE FRESH FRUITS & BERRIES to provide essential micronutrients in natural form without being processed.
TOP 10 INGREDIENTS are all from an excellent animal source and are prepared exclusively from poultry, fish and meat that are approved as suitable for human consumption.
REDUCED GLYCAEM REACTION ORIJEN removed the potato and added more fresh fruits and vegetables to the recipe so it contains only low glycemic index carbohydrates.

Why was the potato removed from the recipe and lentils and chickpeas added?

In order to reduce the glycemic index of ORIJEN dry foods, we have added more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lentils and chickpeas to our ingredients. Lentils and chickpeas are a good alternative to potatoes being domestic and low glycemic index (21 and 32 respectively). So removing the potato from our food reduces the glycemic reaction, maintains stable blood sugar levels and reduces the potential storage of fat.

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