These delicacies contain fresh Angus beef, Romney lamb, wild boar and Yorkshire pork and go through the freeze-dry process to preserve their vital nutrients. So they overflow with natural taste and intense aroma that your cat will love.

All dogs and cats are biologically designed to thrive on a diet characterized by a variety of fresh, whole fish, poultry and game with smaller amounts of fruit, berries and herbs.

ORIJEN freeze-dried foods and delicacies are characterized by 90% and 100% meat respectively, such as free range chickens, turkeys, ducks, quail and eggs, red meat raised on the ranch and fish caught from nature all delivered to us fresh or raw and Whole game proportions that provide nutrients in their natural form, thus reducing the need for synthetic additives.

They are prepared by the method of lyophilization, ie they are frozen instead of cooked to lock all their natural taste.

Unlike the cooking process, the Freeze Dried process removes water – and water only – so that all the nutrients remain in the food – exactly where they should be – which means that ORIJEN FREEZE-DRIED foods and delicacies retain all their natural flavor for an exciting tasting experience that your cat will love!




Read our ingredients and we believe you will agree!


Fresh beef liver 19%, fresh lamb liver 17%, fresh wild boar liver 14%, fresh pork liver 14%, fresh beef 13%, fresh pork 12%, fresh lamb 12%.

* ORIJEN REGIONAL RED delicacies for cats contain 1 calorie per delicacy.