What Does Organically Suitable Foods Mean?

ACANA and ORIJEN represent a new class of foods designed to feed dogs and cats according to their biological anatomy and meet their nutritional needs, just as Nature would. With a diet rich in nutritious fresh meat and protein.

The philosophy of Biological Fitness can be summarized in the following 3 questions:

1) How much?

How much meat does a food contain? The natural diet of a carnivorous animal, such as a dog and a cat, consists almost entirely of meat. That is why ACANA recipes have from 50% to 75% meat content, while those of ORIJEN have 85%.

2) How fresh?

How much fresh meat does a food contain? And when we say fresh, we mean that they have not been used preservatively or even frozen. ACANA foods contain -depending on the recipe- 1/3 or 1/2 fresh meat, while those of ORIJEN 2/3 and the only way to preserve these fresh ingredients is refrigeration.

3) How many?

How many different types of meat? In Nature the dog and the cat can feed on different prey every day. This variety of animal ingredients should also be reflected in a Biologically Suitable Dry Food. Thus ACANA recipes contain from 1 to 5 different sources of animal protein, while those of ORIJEN at least 6.