Meet our team


From the idea ...

When Konstantinos Papazoglou started his own adventure in the beautiful world of our dear four-legged friends in 2000, he might not have imagined that he would finally be able to "build" a company so innovative and reliable that it would soon become the leading in the pet food industry.

In the evolution!

Two decades later, the company KOMPA, which started as a purely family business, manages to grow even more day by day, creating an increasingly large and strong "family", which does not consist only of those who contribute daily to its performance. her work, but also all those who trust her for her products and services for many years.


We started...

After all, from the first moment of operation of the company, we decided to introduce and offer only what we would give to our pets: products with unquestionable incomparable quality and at prices that enable every guardian to include them in the daily life of the four-legged friend of.

And we chose our collaborations!

That is why our cooperation with the Canadian manufacturer Champion Petfoods was one way, with the now famous ACANA and ORIJEN foods satisfying even the most demanding tastes! With its pioneering philosophy, Champion Petfoods has today succeeded with sure and steady steps to establish itself at the highest level of pet food quality in the global market. And it does not stop there, since with its unique know-how and innovative ideas it continues the research for the preparation of more and more quality foods and delicacies, to cover even the most refined needs.

We can only promise you with certainty that we will continue to make our "family" bigger, stronger and more successful. And you are more than welcome to become a proud member of it.


It starts with our own love,

For all of us at KOMPA, a pet is not just a pleasant companion. It is an integral part of our lives that comes to offer us generous love and happiness. In addition to our undivided affection and care, it is worth providing him with the highest quality and purest for a life full of health and well-being.

And our will to help you too!

At KOMPA we believe that every guardian should always know what he is buying and that he is entitled to get the best. In order to understand the nutritional needs of his pet we continue to offer our knowledge and help to make the world and life of our four-legged friends better.


Because along with their own good life, ours also gets better.


Giving a basis to our strong foundations ...

You can build impressive skyscrapers, but without solid foundations they will hardly last long. And for us, the strongest foundations to build whichever skyscraper you want are none other than mutual support and trust. And if there is one word that includes both of these concepts, it is "family".

We strengthen our "family"!

Our company started, developed and continues to grow as a strong and healthy family, not only in its narrow but also in its broadest sense. Because the KOMPA family includes not only its employees, but also every partner, customer and animal lover who is truly interested in the well-being and well-being of our beloved pets.

And we continue to expand these ideals in the market.

And in this context, we continue to work according to the vision that Konstantinos Papazoglou brought to our lives: To create a strong market through which to offer our individual pets the highest quality and purest products they need, so that they can enjoy a life. full of health, joy and happiness together with their own beloved family: us.