Meet our team!


From the conception…

When Konstantine Papazoglou began his search for products for his beloved four-legged friend in 1999, he couldn’t possibly imagine that it would lead to the creation of a company so innovative and reliable, that it would soon become one of the leaders in the pet industry.

To evolution!

Two decades later, KOMPA, which started as a family-owned business, has managed to continuously grow and evolve, creating a bigger and stronger “family”, which includes not only those who contribute in the day to day operations, but also those who trust her products and services all these years.


How we started...

From day one, we decided to import and distribute only the very best that we would also choose for our own pets; unmatched high quality products at real prices that give every pet the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from them.

Choosing our partners!

World famous ACANA and ORIJEN satisfy every taste, so collaboration with Canadian pet food maker Champion Petfoods was the choice for us. CPF’s innovative philosophy managed to establish her place in the highest quality pet foods globally. But it doesn’t end there. With the unique know-how and the innovative ideas CPF continues the research to keep preparing foods and treats using unparalleled ingredients in order to satisfy even the most refined needs.

We can only promise that we will keep growing, making our “family” bigger, stronger and more successful. And you are more than welcome to become a proud member.


Starts with our own love,

For all of us in KOMPA pets aren't just a pleasant companionship. They are essential parts of our lives and our families, giving us unconditional love and happiness. So, besides our affection and care, they deserve the best for a healthy and happy life.

and our willingness to help!

We believe that all pet lovers should have full knowledge of what’s in their pets’ food or how their favorite product was made. In order to help them understand the nutritional needs of their furry friends and make the best possible decision, we continuously train our loyal consumers and offer courses to educate the retail shops. Making every pets life better takes a lot of effort.


Because our life gets better along with theirs.


We focus on our solid foundations...

You may build stunning skyscrapers, but without solid foundations they won’t stand for long. For us, the best foundations to build any structure is mutual support and trust. And if there is a word that includes these two meanings then this is “family”.

We strengthen our “family”!

Our company started, developed and is still growing as a strong and healthy family not only literally but also metaphorically. Our team doesn’t only include our employees, but also every partner, customer and pet lover that really cares for the wellbeing of our beloved pets.

Αnd we keep expanding these ideals to the market.

We continue our work according to the vision that Konstantine Papazoglou had in 1999; We have created a strong market through which we can offer our cherished pets the highest quality and purest products they need, in order to enjoy a life full of health, joy and happiness along with their beloved family: us.