Cruelty Free & Sustainable farming, farming and fishing methods

When choosing food for your pet have you ever wondered about the production process?

As a guardian and above all as an animal lover, it is good to know the process that is followed from the beginning to the end.

So we at ACANA and ORIJEN, being animal-friendly and guided by the well-being of our pet friends and the animals that are the main source of their food chain, must protect the ecosystem and let you know the ways in which we achieve something such.

CRUELTY FREE: We treat and raise our animals with love and care throughout their lives. We protect them from all forms of violence and they do not undergo experiments.


a) All our ingredients have been judged suitable for human consumption and we do not use chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones.

b) To help protect the marine environment:

i) We do not overfishing

ii) We select fish based on nutrition and availability from different lakes and seas

iii) We fish only during the allowed seasons and only species of fish that are in abundance.

c) Our animals grow in vast areas and feed on what they would find in their natural environment.

d) Our poultry are also free to graze and are given the opportunity to create their nests and lay their eggs in them.

e) If any of our animals get sick, we let them recover naturally, without human intervention and administration of antibiotics.

f) Our fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs ripen in the sun, with natural fertilizer of our animal manure and without the use of chemical pesticides.

g) Our ingredients come from people we know, trust and share the same philosophy: “Care as Nature intends.”

ACANA and ORIJEN are not comparable to any other pet food and the reasons are many.

We bring transparency to food, we urge you to read our ingredients and compare them with any other competing company. We do not make food for marketing purposes, we create Organically Suitable recipes for pets.