Sterilization and dog nutrition

The main danger for a neutered animal – whether dog or cat – that is malnourished is obesity. After sterilization and due to hormonal changes, there is a decrease in the body’s metabolic rate, increased appetite and decreased activity. All this increases the chances of our four-legged friend becoming overweight and creating other problems such as diabetes, if his diet, of course, is not appropriate. Unfortunately, in a neutered cat, things are more complicated as it is not only endangered by obesity but also by urolithiasis. The main culprits for this condition are the reduced activity of the cat, as it does not create the need to drink enough water and urinate enough, but also the high concentration of magnesium and phosphorus present in most foods resulting in the risk of stones in the urinary tract. cyst. The good news is that with a diet tailored to your dog and cat’s changing needs you can reduce the risks and avoid being overweight from the start. It is not advisable to give less than the usual food but to give a food that suits their needs. Pay attention to the ingredients of food and avoid a lot of carbohydrates – especially those that have a high glycemic index such as cereals, cereals, potatoes – because they are the number one culprit for weight gain in pets. Dogs and cats, being carnivores, use protein first as their primary source of energy and then fat rather than carbohydrates. So after sterilization, the needs for energy may be reduced, but the needs for important vitamins, minerals and trace elements remain the same. Therefore, the solution is not for your pet to be malnourished but to be fed with food that can give him all the necessary nutrients he needs but without gaining weight and burdening his health. All ACANA and ORIJEN foods are suitable for neutered cats and dogs as they are rich in protein, low in low glycemic carbohydrates that help maintain the body weight of pets. They also provide all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and antioxidants through the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs used guarantee a diet as intended by Mother Nature. Also to prevent urolithiasis they contain low but at the same time sufficient amount of magnesium and phosphorus which are essential minerals for the normal functioning of the cat’s body.