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After much thought and research you decided to give your pet a quality biologically suitable food like Acana and Orijen. But what do you need to do to help your pet make the smooth transition from one food to another? Two simple but extremely important rules. The “GOLDEN” RULES of KOMPA: 1. The Transition Period must be strictly followed. Because the food gap between Acana or Orijen and conventional foods is large (in quantity and quality of meat and other ingredients), the change of food should be done smoothly and gradually, otherwise you and your favorite pet will suffer. You need to give your dog or cat body time, especially if they are elderly or have stomach aches. It is therefore important to follow the rhythm of our pet, in order for him to get used to the diet that nature intended for carnivores. Below you will find the guide to a smooth transition from your old food to Acana or Orijen. 5 days: mix 80% old food with 20% new food 5 days: mixing the two foods 50% – 50% 5 days: mix 20% old food with 80% new food When these 15 days are over you can feed 100% of the new food. Do not forget, due to the meat content your pet is fed with a smaller amount. Unlike cereals, corn and rice, with which he is full for 2-3 hours and then hungry again. 2. The dosage must be observed. The dosages are designed to ideally meet the daily nutritional requirements and if we give more than the indicated amount, this above nutrition must be somewhat eliminated by the body of our little friends and usually this is done in the form of ugly stools. You do not need to worry about soft stools as long as they are formed. Many caregivers think that the recommended dosage is too little for their pet and so they regret it and put a little more food. There is no reason for this, as the dog and the cat are carnivorous animals and if they are provided with high biological value protein saturation occurs faster. Guided by the above two rules, you will help the animal’s digestive system to “remember” the diet that nature intended to follow. Congratulations on your decision to feed your pet the best! Continue to educate yourself on the nutrition of your beloved partner and remember that his diet should be as nature intended.