Is my food really hypoallergenic?

It is important to find out if our pet is really allergic and not just that it is intolerant to any ingredient. Dogs and cats, as carnivores, are not “designed” to metabolize ingredients such as corn, rice, barley and cereals in general.

Therefore, such unsuitable ingredients make sense for them to cause various problems, from simple indigestion or constipation to obesity, diabetes or even allergies to an otherwise very healthy animal.

So there are two cases:
(a) our pet simply cannot metabolize these unsuitable ingredients; or
b) there is indeed an intolerance or allergy to a source of protein.

So we choose a recipe that is characterized by a digestible source of protein *, such as duck, lamb or fish and of course without grains.

So, for example, if a pet is allergic to chicken, it should follow a diet that does not contain this ingredient at all (ie neither chicken liver, nor chicken fat, etc.). Unlike conventional dry foods that claim to be suitable for dogs and cats with allergies, but include chicken fat, fish oil, etc., Acana Singles ** is exclusively monoprotein.

The Acana Singles line is the FIRST WORLD Biologically Suitable ™ and Limited Ingredients Dog food that contains 50% meat and in order to eliminate the possibility of allergies, is characterized by a single source of animal protein (lamb or duck) or pork. Thus, it provides the necessary nutrients in a natural way, dramatically reducing the need for synthetic additives ***, while to meet the requirements for Omega-3 algae is used which is a natural source of DHA and EPA and is ideally metabolized by the dog.

* Beef or bison or chicken food may even be chosen as long as the pet is not allergic to this particular source of protein, but our suggestion is something digestible to help with any stomach sensations.
** Acana’s Singles line includes Grass-Fed Lamb, Free-Run Duck, Yorkshire Pork and Pacific Pilchard recipes.
*** The only synthetic additives in Acana Singles are: Grass-Fed Lamb: Vitamin D3, E, Zinc, Copper – Free-Run Duck: Zinc Chelate. Vitamin E (preservative) – Yorkshire Pork: Vitamins E & B5, Choline, Zinc, Copper and Pacific Pilchard: Vitamin E, Zinc, Copper. Natural maintenance with Vitamin E, unlike conventional ones that have at least 20 synthetic additives.