Should he eat the same food all his life?

One of the most well-known myths when it comes to pet nutrition. This myth is the result of decades of ignorance, but also misinformation, which is promoted by the interest of companies that want consumers to stay on their own product throughout the life of their pet. We at KOMPA have a different point of view. These are three reasons why we believe that switching to a diet is important for you, but also for your pet that is fed with ACANA or ORIJEN. 1. Less intolerances: Nutritional intolerances occur in simple ingredients such as chicken, corn, wheat or soy. Intolerance usually stems from the “fear” of guardians who have heard the myth that their pet must eat one food for life. The truth, however, is that switching recipes reduces the risk of developing intolerance, due to the fact that our pet does not feed on a single source of protein for long enough to become sensitive to it. 2. Impatience for every meal: When dogs and cats are too accustomed to one texture and taste, they are less likely to try new foods. So we want our pet to come in contact with different tastes, smells and even croquette sizes from an early age, so that he can not wait for each meal and is not “doomed” to eat a recipe for life. 3. Balance: Although most dog and cat foods are promoted as “complete and balanced”, dietary changes provide a variety of essential proteins and fats, help with nutrients as well as natural nutrition, and promote excellent fitness. Ok we got the nutrition from the chicken, not to try a little lamb? Do you make changes to your pet’s diet?

* The alternation we propose concerns exclusively ACANA and ORIJEN recipes. We do not recommend switching from these foods to a conventional food or vice versa, because the eating gap can cause digestive disorders. That is why we make a smooth transition before deciding to give ACANA or ORIJEN.