Like their ancestors, cats need a diet of whole meats with smaller amounts of fruit and herbs. That’s why we filled ORIJEN TUNDRA with fresh goat, wild boar, ranch deer, whole arctic salve, duck, sheep, steelhead trout and whole sardines. Everything is delivered to us FRESH or RAW in WHOLEPREY proportions to overflow with nutritional value.



Available Sizes:

1,8kg / 340gr


Like their wild ancestors, cats need a diet that includes whole meats with smaller amounts of fruit and herbs.

These nutritious WholePrey ίες fresh meat ratios provide virtually every nutrient your cat needs to thrive.

Made at the award-winning Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada, ORIJEN TUNDRA is a delicious way to keep your cat or kitten healthy, happy and strong.

Read our ingredients and we believe you will agree!


Fresh goat meat (5%), fresh wild boar meat (5%), fresh venison (5%), fresh arctic salvelin (5%), fresh duck meat (5%), fresh mutton (4%), fresh trout steelhead (4%), fresh duck liver (4%), fresh wild boar liver (4%), fresh wild boar kidney (4%), fresh mackerel (dehydrated, 4%), fresh whole sardines (4%), lamb (dehydrated , 4%), sheep (dehydrated, 4%), Alaskan cod (dehydrated, 4%), whole whiting cod (dehydrated, 4%), duck fat (4%), whole herring (dehydrated, 4%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole green peas, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, whole pinto beans, lentil fiber, fresh mutton belly (1.5%), herring oil (1%), fresh goat heart (1%), fresh kidney goat (1%), fresh goat liver (0.5%), fresh venison (0.5%), fresh venison (0.5%), fresh sheep liver (0.5%), fresh wild boar heart (0.5%), whole lentils navy, goat liver (freeze-dried), deer liver (freeze-dried), fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole yellow pumpkin, fresh whole zucchini, fresh whole daisies, fresh carrots, fresh whole apples Red Delicious, fresh whole pears, B fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh beetroot leaves, fresh turnip leaves, brown seaweed, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, radish root, turmeric root, sarsaparilla root, althaea root, rose hips, juniper berries.

ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Amino acid chelate Zinc chelate: 100mg, Copper chelate: 11mg, Choline chloride: 1200mg. Zootechnical additives: Enterococcus faecium NCIMB10415: 600×10 ^ 6 CFU.

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