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The experience of the lovable Pipi highlights one of the many benefits of a biologically sound diet for dogs with health problems. The following is her story as she told us: My name is Pipi and I love Acana !!! As soon as it’s time “miam miam” I jump and shout at my mom not to forget. For a year now I have been eating ACANA Pacifica, my ears have stopped scratching me and my fur has become wonderful !!! Everyone stops and fools me … 3 years ago, it was New Year’s Eve and I was behind bars, alone and very scared in an animal shelter. As soon as Manuela saw me, she promised me that we would be together forever and she took me home. There I met my boob, not to brag about it but I threw it with the first one !!! I sleep in his arms every night …. Ahhh finally I am probably the luckiest dog in the world !!!! Elli, the happy owner of Pipi, adds in a comment about her beloved partner. Pipi also had a problem with tear stains on her eyes before Acana. Now we continue to clean her tears daily but they do not leave indelible stains on her white fur due to lack of pigments and colors in the food.