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Experience the biologically appropriate diet through the eyes and nose of a lovable Labrador with a great sense of humor. My name is Kain, Kain Labrador Like today 4 years ago I became part of this world, it was quite strange in the beginning, very crowded find children, as if I had 6 other sisters, women ίνεται understood all day murmuring and crying, and the days passed and we kept playing and eating and all day people would come and see us and squeal in our ears and we were wondering what strange things they do with their 2 legs .. but well how can they walk ?? I do not understand this even today, they have a lot of fun here when we say it but what to do, each with his flaws we can not all be perfect: P Hmmm I forgot and I’m long, sorry I get this when I have a track .. Gone are the days and you took me to a girl, she looked a bit like my mom, she was also blonde and she hugged me all day and fed me for many years he made me know, while he was taking me paid and highly advertised food, which was not the best … sorry mom, but this is the truth…. And that unforgettable day came .. came the young man who brings me these delicious pig ears and my delicacies and what to see ?? or rather what to smell ?? My nose was partying, my tail was about to come off… my dog ​​new food; But well, how can it be airtight and let my saliva run ?? Mom started reading and counting, weighing again weighing and finally these delicious croquettes on my plate .. 15 seconds passed and there were no…. My mom looked at me as if she was seeing me for the first time and I have seen my plate and I said but I want more, why does he not put more on me ?? Before I had food on the plate all day and he told me that when I eat I am beautiful and that if I do not eat Cousteau will come (Labrador friend, let me eat everything when we are together, big trouble), now he will not let me see when I eat I’m beautiful: / after a few hours oh oh oh something is happening in my stomach, my lady my belly has little energy, Mamaaaaaaaaaaa toilet pleaseee I do not catch you I say my mom took me out and told me not to worry it will pass in 2 or 3 days and indeed it did and now I only eat from this delicious food that once she put it on me I read that it is called Acana Light & fit I wondered of course why her? ? But I heard him talking on the phone with Nektaria from Komba (yes well where he is, Nektaria if I ever see you be sure he will fall a lot of hugs and kisses) that because after sterilization I was a bit chubby this is the right food for me;) Everything you say went very well until one day everyone started screaming strangely… ahh !! Pooh !! Ouch! Aman re kain and I did not know what I was doing, I tell you the truth something strange was happening there under my tail, every half an hour something like wind was blowing and they kept shouting and holding their noses and they kept opening the doors and I was looking at the queue and I was wondering what are you doing ?? why are you blowing this strange air and everyone is running outside ?? I have not received an answer yet, but I hope it passes and that as the dynamites left because my mom says that she will put a cork on me !!! This is my soon as I could tell you..sorry if I chatted…. kisses! xoxo