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In the story of Margarita and Leda, her favorite labrador, we can all find common ground. It is a typical example of the personal research of the animal lover in his effort to provide the best possible quality of life to his pet. Read her experience as she told us. For years I wanted to get a labrador. I read as much as I could about the breed, went to fairs to see dog kennels & hoped at some point to have my own. And then came the summer of 2010, when after a “family council”, we said that we could now add a new member to our family. I had decided for a long time, which breeder I would go to, and I did not waste any time. The first phone call was very encouraging! 3/8 puppies were born and I could get one of them. In September I went from there to choose my little friend. I had already found what name I would give her. I entered the area with the puppies, and immediately singled out Leda! The first puppy that came to me, sociable, playful, fearless. That’s it! Since then she has given me wonderful moments and I give her as much love as I can. And because I love her so much, I take care of everything around her. Nutrition is one of the most important factors for well-being so I went into the process to see which is the best dry for her. Until a while ago he ate from a well-known company, expensive, other than ingredients … When I “searched” I saw that it contained corn, and no, the dog is not a hen to eat corn! And it is not possible to give the minimum amount of meat to a carnivorous animal, it does not offer anything and it is indigestible! Good for fruits / vegetables for no reason .. So I made the decision to change my diet and immediately turned to acana. Looking at the ingredients of the codes he has, I said that they probably caught me in a “knot” for so long that I gave so much money for mediocre food. I have labradors who are greedy, but although he eats almost everything, in some foods he shows more pleasure. He was excited about acana !! Each time he disappears in record time, perhaps because he realizes the amount of meat. Croquettes in the right size, without a strong-annoying smell for us, that the dog eats with appetite. Her hair shines and has a soft texture, her mouth does not smell, feces does not do much. What more can I ask for ??? At this point I would like to mention how much the company representatives helped me through this page, every time I needed them. It is very important as consumers to be served immediately & efficiently, with Komba you feel confident! We discussed which food would suit her best, how to make the transition from the other who ate clip by clip. Anyone who has contacted the company can confirm this. I wish I could get her Acana financially for many more years !! And Leda to run, to swim, to play with all her energy !!