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Sun, beach, holidays, more carefree moments. In a word, summer. The best time of year for the vast majority of people has arrived. But our favorite dogs may not have the same opinion. The high temperatures that prevail in our country in the summer afflict our four-legged friends, who, unlike us, do not sweat all over their bodies, but only on their soles. This way along with panting are the basic “defense mechanisms” they have against the heat.

In order to help our pet, we should always have cool water available, while it is better to avoid walks during the hottest hours and not to get too tired with exercise and toys. Also, if his house is in the yard, be careful to place it in a shady place.

Many dogs love to ride in the car, but they should not be free in the cabin while driving, and the rest stops we do on the road are very important. Many guardians make the mistake of leaving their four-legged friend in the vehicle “just for a while”, but what they do not know is that the temperatures inside a car “skyrocket” quickly. For example, when the outside temperature is 26 ° C, inside the car -even with the windows open- it can exceed 45 ° C, with the result that our pet is at risk of heatstroke within a few minutes.

We should be just as careful when we choose to take our four-legged friend to the beach. Like us, he should not be exposed to the sun, while we must pay special attention to his feet so that they do not burn from the hot sand. Also, after the trip to the beach, we do not forget to rinse it, so that no salt remains on its body.

Finally, we must remember that in addition to the heat in summer, there is a greater degree of “enemy” for our dogs. And that is insects. A possible mosquito bite can cause leishmaniasis (kala-azar) in our four-legged friend and a simple way to prevent it is citronella. However, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian for further protection measures that you can take to prevent your dog from being endangered by other insects of the season.